Coordinates Summary

dist_image(image[, pixscale, center, …])

Pixel distances

xy_to_rtheta(x, y)

Convert (x,y) to (r,theta)

rtheta_to_xy(r, theta)

Convert (r,theta) to (x,y)

xy_rot(x, y, ang)

Rotate (x,y) positions to new coords

det_to_V2V3(image, detid)

Same as det_to_sci

V2V3_to_det(image, detid)

Same as sci_to_det

plotAxes(ax[, position, label1, label2, …])

Compass arrows

Image Manipulation Summary

hist_indices(values[, bins, return_more])

Histogram indices

binned_statistic(x, values[, func, bins])

Binned statistic

frebin(image[, dimensions, scale, total])

Fractional rebin

fshift(image[, delx, dely, pad, cval])

Fractional image shift

fourier_imshift(image, xshift, yshift[, …])

Fourier shift image

shift_subtract(params, reference, target[, …])

Shift and subtract image

align_LSQ(reference, target[, mask, pad, …])

Find best shift value

scale_ref_image(im1, im2[, mask, …])

Reference image scaling

optimal_difference(im_sci, im_ref, scale[, …])

Optimize subtraction of ref PSF

pad_or_cut_to_size(array, new_shape[, fill_val])

Resize an array to a new shape by either padding with zeros or trimming off rows and/or columns.

fix_nans_with_med(im[, niter_max, verbose])

Iteratively fix NaNs with surrounding Real data

Polynomial Fitting Summary

jl_poly_fit(x, yvals[, deg, QR, robust_fit, …])

Fast polynomial fitting

jl_poly(xvals, coeff[, dim_reorder])

Evaluate polynomial

Robust Summary

biweightMean(inputData[, axis, dtype, iterMax])

Biweight Mean

checkfit(inputData, inputFit, epsilon, delta)

Determine the quality of a fit and biweights.

linefit(inputX, inputY[, iterMax, Bisector, …])

Outlier resistance two-variable linear regression function.

mean(inputData[, Cut, axis, dtype, …])

Robust Mean

medabsdev(data[, axis, keepdims, nan])

Median Absolute Deviation

mode(inputData[, axis, dtype])

Robust estimator of the mode of a data set using the half-sample mode.

polyfit(inputX, inputY, order[, iterMax])

Outlier resistance two-variable polynomial function fitter.

std(inputData[, Zero, axis, dtype, …])

Robust Sigma

NIRCam Tools Summary

read_filter(filter[, pupil, mask, module, …])

Read filter bandpass.

psf_coeff(filter_or_bp[, pupil, mask, …])

Generate PSF coefficients

gen_image_coeff(filter_or_bp[, pupil, mask, …])

Generate PSF from coefficient

bg_sensitivity(filter_or_bp[, pupil, mask, …])

Sensitivity Estimates

sat_limit_webbpsf(filter_or_bp[, pupil, …])

Saturation limits

pix_noise([ngroup, nf, nd2, tf, rn, ktc, …])

Noise per pixel


Select wavelength channel

grism_res([pupil, module, m])

Grism information

Spectral Tools Summary

stellar_spectrum(sptype, *renorm_args, **kwargs)

Stellar spectrum

BOSZ_spectrum(Teff, metallicity, log_g[, …])

BOSZ stellar atmospheres (Bohlin et al 2017).

planets_sb12([atmo, mass, age, entropy, …])

Exoplanet spectrum from Spiegel & Burrows (2012)

sp_accr(mmdot[, rin, dist, truncated, …])

Exoplanet accretion flux values (Zhu et al., 2015).

zodi_spec([zfact, ra, dec, thisday])

Zodiacal light spectrum.

zodi_euclid(locstr, year, day[, …])

IPAC Euclid Background Model


2MASS Bandpass

bin_spectrum(sp, wave[, waveunits])

Rebin spectrum

Speckle Noise Summary

OPD_extract(opd, header[, seg_terms, verbose])

Decompose OPD to Zernike/Hexike coefficients

opd_extract_mp(opds, header[, nproc])

Generate multiple OPD_extract objects


OPD image for science observation

opd_sci_gen_mp(opds_all[, nproc])

Multiple OPD images for science observations

opd_ref_gen(args[, verbose])

Generate a drifted OPD image

ODP_drift_all(wfe_drift, opds_all, …)

Drift list of OPDs

get_psf(opd, header[, filter, mask, pupil, …])

Generate PSF

gen_psf_ref_all(opd_ref_list_all, …[, verbose])

Calculate a series of reference PSFs

get_contrast(speckle_noise_image, planet_psf)

Output single contrast curve

residual_speckle_image(psf_star_all, psf_ref_all)

Create residual speckle images

speckle_noise_image(psf_star_all, psf_ref_all)

Create a speckle noise image map

read_opd_file(opd_file[, opd_path, header])

Read in the OPD file data and header (optional)

read_opd_slice(pupilopd[, opd_path, header])

Get only a specified OPD slice from file.