Welcome to pyNRC’s documentation!

pyNRC - Python ETC and Simulator for JWST NIRCam

pyNRC is a set of Python-based tools for planning observations with JWST NIRCam, such as an ETC, a simple image slope simulator, and an enhanced data simulator. This package works for a variety of NIRCam observing modes including direct imaging, coronagraphic imaging, slitless grism spectroscopy, DHS observations, and weak lens imaging. All PSFs are generated via WebbPSF (https://webbpsf.readthedocs.io) to reproduce realistic JWST images and spectra.

Developed by Jarron Leisenring and contributors at University of Arizona (2015-18).

class pynrc.Conf[source]

Directory path to data files required for pynrc calculations.


Logging verbosity – one of {DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, or CRITICAL}


Desired filename to save log messages to.


Format for lines logged to a file.


Format for lines logged to the screen.


Desired logging level for pyNRC.

os = <module 'os' from '/home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/pynrc/envs/stable/lib/python3.5/os.py'>

License & Attribution

pyNRC is free software made available under the MIT License. For details see LICENSE.


Citing pyNRC

If you make use of pyNRC in your work, please cite the following paper: Leisenring et al. 2018, “pyNRC: A NIRCam ETC and Simulation Toolset” (in prep).